Sue The States

First let's agree that I, or any person living in the U.S.A., can not go off and live in the woods. Where can you go? Is there adequate food and water sources? Is the spot I picked legally owned by someone? Probably. Are there laws against living off the land? Again, is there a place with adequate food and water sources? What if someone wants to join me?

I think you get the point that we can't freely go off and live somewhere as we could at the time of the writing of the constitution and the founding of this country.

Totally different economic system and mindset.

Today money is required. Money is required in order to exist in this country. Back at the time of the constitution is was not required to exist in this country.

But things changed as some acquired power. Money bought all the land not reserved by government.

Money became a requirement for existence. The hunter/gatherer lifestyle was abolished in this country (along with most of the Native Americans btw).

Therefore, any State that deprives me of a living wage deprives me of my right to exist. The 14th amendment of the Constitution is supposed to protect against this ". . . nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. . .".

The State deprives me because it allows an economic system to exist that does not provide a living wage for many jobs.

A wage law that provides enough income for food, clothing, and shelter is required to remedy this atrocity.

Make any sense?

I'm sure legal minds can poke holes in this but I'm hoping some young legal minds get inspired by this.


Where are all the rich humanitarians? The Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffett, Drake, Jayz, Amazon guy, Steve Harvey, Doug Benson, Tom Hanks, on and on.

They could fund and set up a legal defense fund to file suit and hit every State at once. Or maybe the threat would be enough to get Congress to act.

Solve the food, clothing, and shelter problem people. A living wage makes a good start.


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