The War for Your Mind


This is a war they have already won but will never not stop waging. 1) Over-Medication and the Drug War – Whether out of rabid greed or calculated malice, the federal government continually approves corporate medications that cloud free thought. Painkillers and anti-depressants leave users zombie-like, causing further depression and often, addiction. Children are routinely… Read More

Bedding Down

Ever heard of the vaccine court? Yeah, they have one. The official federal vaccine program website states that the “The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (“Vaccine Program”) comprises Part 2 of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (“Vaccine Act”). See Pub. L. No. 99-660, 100 Stat. 3755 (1986) (codified as amended at 42… Read More


In a Native American worldview there is no divinity that exists outside the universe–primarily, because there is no “outside”. Whatever is,is an indivisible, infinite, and divine something. All things are perceived as either participating in this one thing or being manifestations of the one thing. “How It Is: The Native American Philosophy of V.F. Cordova”… Read More