Progress or Atrocity

The quotes below come from the article found in the above link. The example here is just one of the most recent of numerous incidents over the years. Other examples are easy enough to find. “Civilized” people like to think of themselves as ‘refined’ and ‘above the fray’ right? Or at the very least, developed […]

Satan Are Us

Satan, Wetiko, Windigo, Wendigo, Wintiko, and others. You call it. They are all the same. The names are different but the pathology is the same. Just different cultures. Satan requires an elaborate system of shared perceptions that simultaneously feeds the ego while establishing a hierarchy of authorities and events worthy of your obsequiousness. It’s just […]

It is

dog being a dog cat being a cat tree being a tree bacteria being bacteria everything knows how to be what they are they can’t imagine anything else human being a what human being a virus human being a plague human being ‘above’ animals human being ‘superior’ to animals human being ‘smartest’ human being a […]

Israel Tightens Control

Glenn Greenwald at “The Intercept” posted an article that just shows to me how Israel more and more works hard and is succeeding in controlling this government. All of this is going on while, what, 800,000 government employees are not working? You’ve seen the posts and reposts about AIPAC lobbying, about pro-Palestinian sites and people […]