Mass Insanity

First comes confidence then comes hubris.

What if you found out that everything about your life is wrong? What if every premise upon which you base yourself, your identity, is false?

  • Economic growth is good – wrong.

  • Public education is good – wrong.

  • Government is good – wrong.

  • Private property is good – wrong.

  • Religion is good – wrong.

  • Man is the pinnacle of life/creation – wrong.

  • Man has dominion over the earth – wrong.

  • I could never do something like “that” – wrong. “That” being some evil or terrible thing.

You are stupid because you have been taught to be stupid. From your birth on. Combine the teaching of Civilization with environmental toxins which, of course, become food, water, and air toxins and your stupidity is practically assured.

You are unaware of your nature and how you fit into the web of life. Your lifestyle causes pain and suffering to millions and you refuse to see. If you see, then you rationalize your right or fortune to be in this situation. Or you rationalize your helplessness in face of the enormity of the problem. Cognitive dissonance.

You have fallen under the spell of comfort. You don’t want ‘drama’ in your life. You spend great effort in avoiding drama and hiding from drama. You want to coast. You’ve been working your ass off for years now and you just want to relax and fend off stress the best way you can. Coast downhill while you satisfy your infantile wants and desires. As long as I don’t have to feel too deeply I am happy you think.

Perhaps drama avoidance anesthetizes you from feeling. Perhaps you mistake the absence of feeling as happiness. Therefore you continue to purchase your trinkets to distract you from the uneasy hole that exists in your Self. You constantly fidget and manipulate buttons, switches, knobs, and controls to occupy your time. You always seek the latest version or the newest device for the mind numbing wonders they hold. Meanwhile, face to face contact and heart to heart exchanges get fewer and farther apart. When you do manage to have a face to face exchange, your talk if filled with your gadgets or your plans for new gadgets or excursions of escape.

You pass this on to your children and are convinced you are a good parent because they follow the path worn down by generations of you and others. The path is “success” and you began your journey when you were born. Depending upon the “success” of your parents, it might have started while you were in the womb.

The path is so wide and worn and the ruts so deep and high from the billions before you, you mistake the sides of this canyon for the sky. You take from the various multitudes of trails crisscrossing the canyon floor as paths of individuality and bravery and spirituality. You see the universe in this canyon as the future stretches out in front of you and the past behind you. You are one of man who have tried to do the right things and been true to the ideals of what it means to be a “good person”.

Nature is wonderful to experience but you are above nature. You have figured out how to manipulate things so that nature’s cruelties (you say) are less severe to you. You are not concerned with any other creatures. You gigantic mental abilities are therefore all the proof you need to being the “highest” life form and hold dominion over other life forms that interfere with your comfort. You even created religions to support your massive ego.

You have mastered the understanding of the laws of the universe (as created by you) and know how to maximize your longevity. You understand the importance of exercise, healthy eating, and abstaining or severely moderating smoking, alcohol, and drugs. You understand the importance of a good education so that you can have a method to earn money that doesn’t require physical labor and also provides a good income. With this income you can have a big house, nice cars, travel, and provide these things for your family. You believe that this is good.

You are wrong.

You have not been ‘living your life’ or following a new path. You have been herded into the cattle stall like millions before you down in those canyon depths. The canyon is the only thing you know. It’s history is on its’ walls. It is a history that started 20K, 30k, 50k years, who knows, ago. It is a history that began with Civilization.

Your science grows and your receptivity to the voices of those not human continues to diminish and obfuscate. You confuse technology and science for wisdom and understanding. You are only succeeding to shut down those avenues of communication and those senses for which science can’t explain. You believe that if science can’t explain it and there is no ‘evidence’ to support it, then it does not exist. You do not see that you are giving up a mansion for a tent.

Science/technology/money (pick one or all) has become your new god.

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