Do you sometimes respond with insincere facial expressions? Do you sometimes find yourself in situations where you need to pretend? Pretending to be nice, happy, interested, or something other than how you feel?

What inhibits your true expression? Your expression of authenticity?

What kind of existence do you have with a system of social relationships that requires pretense?

How about those that pretend for a living? Politicians come first to mind for me. When there are secrets, pretense is required. How about all the actors people watch everyday? Reality TV, newscasts, or straight fiction it doesn’t matter. Just imagine the pretense of interest, surprise, joy, puzzlement, and so on these people express on a daily basis. They all have something to “sell” so you got to do what you got to do.

I bet you do the same thing in your job. Maybe not so much because your position doesn’t bring you into interactions with people very often. But just think.

Authenticity seems to be elusive. Sought after, but elusive. Efforts to effect authenticity in one’s life manifest as acceptance of ‘who I am’ and the subsequent behaviors are accepted as authentic. But, in attempting to ‘be’ authentic, we tend to script what it means to be authentic and hence lose it.

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