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You have only one “You” to give. “You” are not your life. Your heart reveals life is “You”. The many and the one.

We can’t accept it. For mind has grown and sees no way out of the box we have called ‘life’. Light still shines dimly from the heart cause we were taught to keep it quiet. We’re afraid to open it cause of the riot, but that’s just more of the training that’s been going on. Babylon, Persia, Maya, Aztec, China, Rome, England, USA, it goes on and on.

It’s the one thing we haven’t learned. What happens when you see so much and you see no way out? Can it be we haven’t gotten to the truth? That we create the dialog for the dialogs’ sake cause it don’t work when you deconstruct?

We missed applying evolution to ourselves. We can comprehend the concept of oneness with god. We can comprehend when someone says that they are ‘god’. We understand what is meant by that in the realm of understanding oneself. We understand that there may be an evolutionary advantage for us as our brains evolved this concept. We understand that ‘god’ can be a concept. We understand that ‘god’ can be ‘real’.

We don’t understand that we took responsibility for ‘life’ when we started civilization: that we took responsibility for our own evolution. We went from accepting what is provided to “I can do it better”.

That part of us that gives us rational thought just took off for the last, I don’t know, 30,000 years. It required that the information coming from our heart center be turned down. We did. Now we’re here wondering what it means to take responsibility for oneself. Glimpses of the heart can be blinding.

If we turn the heart center back on and integrate with our now super powerful egos we might be able to really take a leap in existence.

But it is kind of weird because to turn the heart on means surrendering. Super powerful ego doesn’t know what to do with that. That’s why we keep replaying this ‘civilization’ game.

Surrender to what, you might ask. Well that depends on your spiritual flavor classification, but what is important is the cognitive awareness you bring to the surrender. And that is that civilization is a human created system of existence that is destructive to all forms of existence. Yeah, all of it. Hierarchy, patriarchy, electricity, running water, all the “technology” and concepts of civilization. (We have mistaken our observations of lifeform interactions to be a hierarchy of life that has smarter life forms at the top. Well, not so much mistaken as a path taken in the directed evolution of ourselves. Since we can do so much, and pro-create so successfully, we think that we are at the top of existence. Therefore a hierarchy exists which then gets extended to other social concepts of existence.)

Satan Are Us

Satan, Wetiko, Windigo, Wendigo, Wintiko, and others.

You call it. They are all the same.

The names are different but the pathology is the same. Just different cultures.

Satan requires an elaborate system of shared perceptions that simultaneously feeds the ego while establishing a hierarchy of authorities and events worthy of your obsequiousness.

It’s just that you think Satan is something/someone who is outside of your being. Something/someone over there. Something/someone to avoid. Something/someone to not ‘listen’ to. Something/someone to fear – if you are not ‘saved’.

Indigenous people have different names and just see it for what it is. Human done wrong.

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No Repeat

I feel that we are at the end of a cycle. Civilization is not a method for us to exist. It destroys life.
It has no respect for life.

It was necessary for us to develop the rational mind. Get a really big ego.
Then watch it fade.
Now we’re here. We should have convinced ourselves by now of our power to influence our bodies, our environment, and others.

Why would one want to use that to harm life? Why would one want to use that power to keep others unaware and others supplying them riches at best and sources for their deprivation at worst?

We’re here. What do you do?

You do what you’re lead to do when it fades.
You find ways to reduce your participation in civilization.

There ain’t no gods to save you anymore. You’re here. You’re god.
How do people view your god?

Everything our species has done has been to pursue a conscious awareness of our existence by trying to duplicate ‘better’ the systems we discovered.

All because we decided we weren’t animals anymore. Our fear of death increased as we dissociated from the natural world and caused us to create our own sphere of existence in our heads.

We walled out those things that might harm us.
Animals are wild and uncivilized.
Where they live is wild and uncivilized.
We might be eaten in the wild.

We can do it better for us.


Now that the most philosophically controversial predictions of QM have—finally—been experimentally confirmed without remaining loopholes, there are no excuses left for those who want to avoid confronting the implications of QM. Lest we continue to live according to a view of reality now known to be false, we must shift the cultural dialogue towards coming to grips with what nature is repeatedly telling us about herself.

Be Here Now

Here it is.

This is the peak of rational human development.

Knowing this is to know all. Know as in experience.

Now what happens?

How does knowing this improve our development, our ‘evolution’?

It will not until it is connected to your daily existence. Your moment to moment passing.

Your momentary connection that allowed you to know your eternity is now being processed by your ego.

It feels special now having experienced ‘reality’.

You are now awake. You get it.

What happens now? What does your rational mind do with this information?

Those of you here at this point of awakening are only halfway there.

Knowing this is just a step. It is not the peak. How does it affect your behavior?

Now you are floating around with this profound knowledge that you have experienced.

Things start to get difficult as you increase your understanding of the implications of your experience.

They don’t fit well with what you have ‘discovered’.